Keyboard inserts Dashes when i long press / double

  Othmane MOUBARAK 13:20 06 Mar 2018

Here's a video showcasing the problem: click here It's really a huge handicap in an everyday use, please help me fix this ... I've tried changing languages, the problem is still there ... My keyboard is a wireless Jedel WS3000

PS : This problem happens everywhere (Word, Excel, Chrome, even in MMORPGs) and i'm pretty sure i didn't spill any liquid on the keyboard since it's new and i rarely used it because i mainly play with my controller ...

  wiganken2 19:05 06 Mar 2018

The video is not clear enough to see the problem.

  Othmane MOUBARAK 19:06 06 Mar 2018

Whenever i long press on the right arrow button, it inserts dashes, & if i long press the right arrow button, it spams a lot of dashes " - "

  wiganken2 09:18 07 Mar 2018

I see that the WS3000 is a Combo keyboard with a wireless mouse included so is it possible that the two wireless signals are in conflict? If you switch the mouse off does the problem go away? If it goes away then there is conflict indicating a fault.

  Othmane MOUBARAK 20:38 07 Mar 2018

I've tried only the keyboard, still got that problem :/

  lotvic 21:23 07 Mar 2018

It might be set as a 'shortcut key' same as this click here keyboard was. Read thread for how to fix.

  Othmane MOUBARAK 11:09 08 Mar 2018

Thank's, that's what i think too, i'll check it out

  Othmane MOUBARAK 11:11 08 Mar 2018

That's not the same issue :/ that guy's problem occurs only in microsoft office suite, mine concerns the keyboard itself since it occurs everywhere

  wee eddie 12:00 08 Mar 2018

Is this a 'hyphen' or an 'Underline'?

  Othmane MOUBARAK 22:03 08 Mar 2018

it's this character " - " not this one " _ "

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