keyboard help......please

  bunny and ian 14:44 01 Aug 2004

I was wondering if anyone here can help me?
I am running windows ME and need a new keyboard, the keyboard which I have now is a usb which originally came with the pc. Every time I try to plug a keyboard with ps/2 the keyboard will not work, the same happens if I use a usb to ps/2 connector on this keyboard.
I cant understand why this is happening and wondered if anyone here has any advice as to what the problem could be?
I have looked through the settings but cant find anything, i have the same problem with the mouse also.
Your help would be appreciated.

  radi8or 15:00 01 Aug 2004

bunny and ian,

Are you trying to plug PS2 k/board or mouse in while Windows or computer is running ?

If so turn off computer and plug in should be recognized when computer is restarted

Regards Bob

  bunny and ian 15:10 01 Aug 2004

no i have turned pc off before plugging or unplugging ps/2 connectors in.

  bretsky 15:57 01 Aug 2004

I don't know whether this will help you
click here;EN-US;258797

sounds to me like a compatibility and driver issue to me.

bretsky ;0)

  bunny and ian 16:09 01 Aug 2004

thanks but the requested web page is not available?

  radi8or 16:14 01 Aug 2004

bunny and ian,

As bretsky above link possibly k/board & mouse port disabled (in bios) in favour of usb board & mouse

hope this helps at least it'll bump you up

regards Bob

  bunny and ian 16:20 01 Aug 2004

how would i change the bios? if its too complicated i will just buy another usb keyboard lol.

  VoG II 16:23 01 Aug 2004

bretsky's link click here

  radi8or 16:32 01 Aug 2004

bunny and ian,

If you are not happy going into bios,then maybe a new keyboard would be a cheaper alternative as playing with bios can cause problems.

I have seen k/boards as cheap as a fiver if not cheaper

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