Keyboard Fault?

  Simsy 22:24 23 Jan 2005

Hi folks,

I think I know the answer to this problem. A colleague from work called me at home earlier today (Sunday, PM), from her parents house.

She'd gone round to set up the newly arrived new Dell PC, having previously asked my advice on setting up email stuff. I said she could ring me at home as I'd be able to better advise while sitting in from of my own PC...

Anyway, it transpires that the keyboard doesn't seem to be working... the middle row, A through to L,(I think that was it), doesn't seem to work. It seems to me this must be a keyboard fault, but I just wondered if there was any other problem that could cause this sympton, eg keyboard plugged into mouse port, plug wrong way round etc...

She's going to contact Dell tomorrow, (Monday), but I thought I'd just run it by here for any thoughts.

Anyone got any comments on the problem? (Obviously it's one for Dell to resolve, I'm just curious)



  Technotiger 22:33 23 Jan 2005

Hi, I think same as you - great minds think alike :-))

  THE TERMINATOR 01:02 24 Jan 2005

Sounds like a prob with the keyboard....TT

  Wizz198303 02:44 24 Jan 2005

Hi i got a problem with my keyboard too!
basically since iv re-formatted i come across a number of problems, but this one is just irritating me.

Basically what i want to type in the @ button i have to press shift and the number 2 to get it. But before i could press shift and press on the @ button symbol itself. Can i change this???

  Simsy 08:25 24 Jan 2005

you should really start a new thread for this one...

But almost certainly you just need to change the keyboard to UK instead of US, vai the Control Panel

Good luck,

Thanks to the others. I'll tick this one.



  wiz-king 08:27 24 Jan 2005

Set the keyboard to uk english, it sound like your 'american'.

  Wizz198303 23:19 27 Jan 2005

Easy said than done, i go into control panel i found the keyboard icon, click on that with two tabs "speed" and "Hardware". Where do i go from there.

im using windows XP Pro if that helps

  Technotiger 23:24 27 Jan 2005

Start>ControlPanel>Regional&Languages to set keyboard to British/English.

  Wizz198303 01:32 28 Jan 2005

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay it works, thank you!

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