keyboard errors and what do i do?

  nebuchan 13:18 30 Sep 2006

I turned my laptop on and after about 20 mins, it went a bit crazy the mouse was randomly clicking, so i restarted it. That solved that,but now when i type certain keys, it displayes more then 1 character. I thought it may ,be a troujan, so ran sothous anti virous, adware, and spybot, ,but they didnt pick up anything. Ive reinstalled the keyboard ,but it still writes funny. Below is what comes out unless i delete the characters afterwards

IY tourkned m#iy ljaptoup oukn aknd after a,bouout 208 m#iykns,b iyt weknt a ,biyt craziy,b the m#ououse was rakndoumljiy cliyckniykng,b sou iy restarted iyt. That souljved that,b ,bout knknouw whekn iy tiype certaiykn keiys,b iyt diyspljaiyes m#oure thekn oukne character. IY thouought iyt m#aiy ,be a trouljakn,b sou rakn souphous akntiy viyrous,b adware,b aknd spiy,bout,b ,bout theiy diydknt piyckn oup akniythiykng. IYve reiyknsatljljed the kneiy,bouard ,bout iyt sitiyljlj wriytes fouknkniy. Below is what comes out unless i delete the characters afterwards

  terryf 14:32 30 Sep 2006

Is it something to do with the peculiarity of laptops that when you press Fn plus a function key it changes the keyboard layout?. Have you checked that in control panel keyboard it is still set up for uk keyboard?

  nebuchan 14:47 30 Sep 2006

I have checked that it is all set op for uk keyboard. The Fn key does have some effect, when held down it makes the k key display only n instead of kn like it does now.

  terryf 14:57 30 Sep 2006

Can you plug an external PS2 keyboard in and try that?

  nebuchan 18:48 30 Sep 2006

pluged in a wireless keyboard. that works fine. ive cleaned out the keyboard too

  nebuchan 23:51 30 Sep 2006

any ideas?

  phono 01:30 01 Oct 2006

By any chance when you cleaned the keyboard did you damage it? How exactly did you clean it? Did you take it apart or just use compressed air or similar?

  terryf 04:31 01 Oct 2006

with an external keyboard, can you go to device manager and uninstall the internal kbd then re-boot and let windows find the built-in kbd?

  nebuchan 09:20 01 Oct 2006

i dont ouwkn the usb kbd, so had to ,borrow it. I have a system restore diyc, and i have ,backed my system up. Should i just start again?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 01 Oct 2006

1. uninstall and reinstall keyboard in device manager.

2. if still same then bad connections on underside of board. Remove keyboard (screws on underside of laptop usually) and check ribbon cable connection inserted fully.

Make and model of machine will allows us to find a service manual on the web.

  nebuchan 11:35 01 Oct 2006

IY have uninstalled and reinstalled keyboard in device manager. <But no effect.

B4 i did this it did return to nourmal 4 10 secounds. Then went rubbish again. It has now actually just changed back to normal as i am writing this, which is most bizzare! However i dont know how long this will last....

My Laptop is an Acer Aspire 1510 if that helps. I am a bit wary about opening my machine, as it may void the warrantee.

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