Keyboard Error

  Daveson 10:37 07 Jun 2005

Hi there. When i boot my pc i get Keyboard Error, i have tried two keyboards and i still get the same error ? Both keyboards are new.

Does anyone have any ideas ?

Many Thanks


  Diodorus Siculus 11:00 07 Jun 2005

Are you sure it is connected to the correct port?

Is it PS2 or USB?

Try swapping with the mouse.

  Daveson 11:02 07 Jun 2005

Tried that. Its PS2 for definate.


  DieSse 11:24 07 Jun 2005

If it's not the keyboard, then it has to be the motherboard. A way round it is to get a USB keyboard.

Check inside the keyboard plug and see if there are any bent pins (unlikely, since you've tried two, I know!

  chaztait 11:36 07 Jun 2005

I know this helped mines but done know if it will work with PS/2 keyboards, but worth a shot.

Unplugg all USB appliances and reboot computer, if that dont work take the keyboard able out aswell and reboot, i dont know if a PS/2 keyboard is only detected at start-up but try that aswell. If this works then reconnect all USB cables and reboot.

  John-285116 10:34 07 Nov 2005

since pc crashed & reinstalled everything the
@ has swopped with "
I was told that is because a 102 keyboard is in stalled instead of 103
How do I change this?

  PaulB2005 10:35 07 Nov 2005

Best to start a new thread for a new problem.

Set the keyboard language to UK and not US. Look in Control Panel.

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