keyboard does this ////////////

  shytilwet23 14:58 22 Apr 2003

Every so often my keyboard will start putting /////// , usually after a cap or a key where i need to hold down shift first. I've cleaned it......also tried slowing down repeat rate. Help, please.

  -pops- 15:38 22 Apr 2003

Assuming the "shift" you refer to is the one on the right next to the /, have a careful look between and under the keys to check there isn't the remains of your last week's dinner or something else sticky hidden there. Depending on the keyboard, you may be able to prise the key tops off and have a good search around!!


  Fred Titles 15:56 22 Apr 2003

Nice one. If only every thread title was as clear and simple as that.

  Nosmas 20:05 22 Apr 2003

Don't know if this will help but maybe a look at my post click here and the solution that worked for me may also help you.
Good luck1

  shytilwet23 11:17 23 Apr 2003

Have cleaned the keyboard........also checked the cable. Will look at that post, nosmas, thanx. The weird thing is it happens sometimes and then will be ok for a while. And I think that something in the computer box makes a clicking\buzzing sound when it is happening.Replacing with new keyboard always cures it though but that's getting expensive.

  shytilwet23 09:51 10 May 2003

ok, tried all that......stil does it from time to time.......i'm so lost as to what to do, can't keep buying new keyboards.........

  _Treb_ 11:34 10 May 2003

So, you say that replacing the key "always fixes the problem".
Do you play games where you bash certain keys a lot? Does just unplugging and then plugging your keyboard back in help? This might imply that you have a poor/bad connection at your key board interface. Can you use USB connection for your K/B? Just a few things to try so that you can narrow things down.

  shytilwet23 14:14 10 May 2003

well, putting another shift key on seemed to help for while........No, don't think I bash any particular usb port.......unplugging\replugging helps I think, but problem always comes back. I buy cheap keyboards but surely they should last longer than 3 months? Besides, weird that it's always same prob.......I use shift and thing goes putting ////// in. Like: On/c/e u/p/o/n a/ t/m/e/ or O///////n///////c////e//////// a//// t///////i/////m/////e////// :( Sometimes it'll put just a straight line in, Can't see one on keyboard.......| that's it, I think.

  shytilwet23 07:22 30 May 2003

It's doing it again......has been on and off .........Seems to happen straight after I hit the left or righ/t shift key to do a cap or a * or something........took me ages to type this, backspacing t//o get the ///// out.....sometimes puts a | in too......A/ny ideas please??????

  -pops- 08:06 30 May 2003

You say replacing the keyboard cures this problem "for a while". This seems overwhelming evidence that it is something physical with the keyboard. This is unlikely to be an intrinsic keyboard problem as it would no doubt have been heard of before. That leaves the only conclusion, as far as I can see, that it is something carried out by yourself that causes this which takes me back to my first comment(above). It is possible to buy keyboard covers which allow you to use it as normal but is protected by a waterproof/crumb proof plastic membrane. May be worth a try.

This reminds me of a long time ago (when electric typwriters were the latest things in the office) of a secretary who had one of these new fangled electric things complaining that every time she answered the phone, her typewriter would type a series of random letters. It was assumed that there was some interference between the phone and machine but the odd thing was that it was only this secretary that this happened to. The machine was sent back for repair. On its return it was found to be as bad as it was before although the typewriter company could find nothing wrong with it.

The office manager was getting quite frustrated by all this so he insisted that the typewriter company send out an engineer to see the problem first hand.

The engineer arrived and a demonstration arranged. Sure enough, when the phone rang the typewriter wrote a random selection of letters when it was picked up. What was also apparent was that the phone was behind the typewriter and to answer the secretary had to lean forward to reach it. Now, being rather amply blessed at her front, leaning forward caused her to come in contact with the keyboard and as, unlike a manual keyboard, it required very little pressure to operate - you see what I mean!!!!


  -pops- 08:10 30 May 2003

Have you tried sending one of your faulty keyboards back to the manufacturer for their comment?

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