Keyboard Dirty

  BigAWPC 10:57 03 Apr 2006

Hi Guys and Gals

I have a DIRTY keyboard and I dont know how to clean it.

Please help.

  SANTOS7 11:00 03 Apr 2006

I hold mine upsidedown and use a 1" paintbrush to get between the keys, if you get anything stuck underneath them you can carefully prize the keys off,
i also use a damp cloth to cleaan around the keys, all seems to work well for me....

  BigRik 11:22 03 Apr 2006

I usually do as SANTOS7 has suggested and gently prize the keys off. I normally use a flat-head screwdriver. You'll feel a bit of resistance, but just keep going until it kind of "snaps" off.

Just clean the keys with a damp cloth and brush the the keyboard with a paintbrush.

If you need to, make a plan of where the keys go before you start!

  SANTOS7 11:25 03 Apr 2006

I did learn a long time ago NOT to take all the keys off at once, just around the offending areas that needed to be cleaned, but as BigRik says, sound advice it is to, make a plan or have a diagram of where the keys go......

  Belatucadrus 11:28 03 Apr 2006

One of those compressed air cans can be useful for blasting stuff from under the keys as well as cleaning out the PC case.

  spuds 11:38 03 Apr 2006

How to clean keyboards click here

  bjh 12:23 03 Apr 2006

Or you can buy this vacuum from here

I bought one of their own brand ones a year back for silly money (£1.50 ish), and it does a fine job, if rather noisy.

However, without technology, it's fairly easy. I don't personally favour removal of keys. In the olden days of heavy duty keyboards, keys prized off fairly easily (and keyboards were worth saving as they were quite good). I think you are as likely to snap one of the key flanges off on cheap plastic ones nowadays.
A good shake upside down always helps. Inverting several times & in as many different directions gets most out. A cheap paintbrush (cheap 'cos they often have those stiff bristles) helps no end.
If you have cats or dogs (or are going bald!) you may find lots of hair in there. Fine forceps or tweezers are useful here. Failing that, a straightened paperclip run gently round all the keys hepls.
You can normally unscrew the casing for better access, and you'll find an amazing amount of c#@p in there sometimes. Cotton buds help clean those crevices.
A damn hard blow (sucking NOT recommended!!) also shoves out lots of those buiscuit crumbs and worse.

A new keyboard probably won't break the bank if all else fails.

  Legolas 12:26 03 Apr 2006

I take no responsibility for anything at anytime regarding this link ;-)click here

  ACOLYTE 13:42 03 Apr 2006

I actually strip mine down totaly and clean then rebuild it.

  I,Me and Myself 14:01 03 Apr 2006

I just use the brush attachment on the end of my vacuum cleaner.

  Pineman100 14:09 03 Apr 2006

Photographic shops sell aerosol cans of compressed air, with a jet nozzle. These are ideal for puffing stuff out from under the keys.

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