Keyboard button problem

  SiNomad 19:01 09 Sep 2004

The dedicated email quicklaunch button on my keyboard has stopped working. Others for IE etc. are fine. How do I get the button to connect again?

  JayDay 19:03 09 Sep 2004

You will have some software which assigns programs to the keys. You need to re-assign your email package with this button. How you do this will depend on the keyboard.

  jack 19:53 09 Sep 2004

Dedicated buttons rely on software supplied with
the board.
Check that you do have a disk for your brand of board.
If you have go to Control panel/ Add/delete
software find the program [ Logitech lets say as an example] delete it and re install

Or you cxan go to Start/programs/ look for it/
right click on the icon and see if a dedicated uninstall comes up.
Then re install.

There is another possibility
If this button is used a lot and the mechanism
such as it is has become distorted.
If you can take the board apart you will find
The mechanism is usually infact a plastic membrane with contacts over each button.
Locate the offending item and manipulate it back to the same profile as the remainder

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