Keyboard & mouse acting crazy

  ed1408 19:08 21 Sep 2015

Past couple of days Ive noticed both my mouse and keyboard not functioning properly. The mous suddenly started zooming instead of scrolling and the click doesnt always open links or emails. But the real problem is the keyboard which will not type a single letter and when I press any keys random things open up like search function windows & stuff or I just the ping noise.Its just useless to use.

I use separate wireless keyboard & mouse. Ive tried: (1)Unplugging usb adaptors (2)Restarting PC (3)Using 2 different keyboards(one usb lead, one wireless) (4)System restore always says failed to restore(tried 3 diff points) (5)Scanned with Avast & Malwayrebites nothing found

Nothing works so Im completely stuck. Right now its randomly working again but I know it will stop again soon for long time. Theres clearly something very wrong and its not the devices as Ive tried others.

Any suggestions besides re-install which Im trying to avoid?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:53 21 Sep 2015

(one usb lead, one wireless

common thing appears to be what ever your using its plugged into the USB ports. so maybe uninstalling and reinstalling the USB controllers may help.

  xania 13:39 24 Sep 2015

The other common point is the wireless receiver. Unlikely to be a hardware failure but check and reinstall any drivers that came with the set.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:52 24 Sep 2015


Using 2 different keyboards(one usb lead, one wireless)

The other common point is the wireless receiver -- not if its the same using a USB keyboard with lead :0)

sounds a tricky one - I would have done what's already been tried different devices reinstalling drivers and scanning for malware.

Has this machine got a PS2 connection? I would try a PS2 keyboard.

  ed1408 02:09 04 Oct 2015

Tried many things including a re-install of windows which was traumatic. Then crushing when the problem persisted afterwards! Thought it must be hardware fault in PC so was ready to look for new one. Then I unplugged the tiny usb receiver for the keyboard and finally problem was solved! Because it was so tiny Id just left it in all the time even when trying other keyboards & mouses. But seems it was corrupting my usb devices. so problem solved. My problem now is buying a new keyboard....still cheaper than new PC.

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