jackqui 16:21 01 Feb 2005

I have just purchased a new keybrd and I am not sure how to install The instructions tell me to uninstall any driver I have on at the moment and then install the new one
I am worried if I uninstall my existing one
and my new one doesnt work "what to do ?"

  PA28 16:41 01 Feb 2005

Just turn your computer off and plug the new one in and startup. Don't worry, if there's anything wrong it'll tell you. Keyboard drivers are usually for the benefit of special keys or features - if you have any problems, reconnect your old keyboard and post back but I'll be surprised if this is the case. One word of caution - don't plug in/unplug a PS2 board (the small plug variety) with the computer switched on; they don't like it!

  *Silver*Hawk* 17:49 01 Feb 2005

Hey I got myself a new keyboard today too, and it was a £7 bargain. I didnt even uninstall the previous driver, I just plugged the new one in and it worked so I didnt really need the driver disk, but I used it cause I wanted to use the extra keys.

  jackqui 09:12 02 Feb 2005

its a wireless keboard

  Shas 09:35 02 Feb 2005

I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse a while ago and in the instructions it said important to remove any existing kb / mouse drivers first, but these were greyed out so I couldn't do that anyway. So, I just followed the rest of the instructions to install both and all has been OK.

Couple of tips, may not be the same with yours but just in case: the mouse batteries in mine only seem to last about a month and you know when they are on the way out because it gets a bit erratic and the light on the transmitter continually flashes (on mine anyway), and if the mouse hasn't been used for a while and the pointer appears stuck, right click it and you should be ok. Hope this helps, :o)

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