kennyh2508 14:21 22 Oct 2003

when i installed my new keyboard some characters were different on my old k/board i.e i had a dollar sign instead of a pound sign and the @ sign was under the number 2, now when i press the pound sign on my new 1 it still types the dollar sign, how can i get my pc to recognise the changes on my new k/board im running xp .....thanx

  DieSse 14:29 22 Oct 2003

Is the @ sign UNDER the number 2 or over it - or alongside it?

Can you quote the keyborad language variant - it will be on underneath the base of the keyboard

  DieSse 14:33 22 Oct 2003

Go to start - settings - control panel. Select regional and language options. Click the languages tab - then click - details and click the add button. this will enable you to add a new (probably UK) keyboard.

You can also remove the old (probably US) keyboard.

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