Key Logging

  prima12 11:40 26 Jun 2004

As we all know what we type on the keyboard it can be seen by 'keyloggers', or that's my belief.
I have just downloaded a 'virtual keyboard' from click here. What I am wondering is, would the use of this keyboard, instead of my physical keyboard, block the keylogging activity being monitored?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:54 26 Jun 2004

Why would anyone be interested in your typing? the virtual keyboard is mainly for disabled people and works/learns as a normal keyboard but you use your mouse pointer. Just to increase your paranoia, any keylogging programme will be able to record what you type from a virtual keyboard. I am afraid that you are doomed, all your emails and internet activity are being logged everytime you go on the net and your computer is probably in the controlling hands of hackers;-)))

You are getting OTT, just use your computer, the Net and your keyboard as they are meant to be used. Like my own life and everyone else's on this forum, you can rest assured that no one is interested in your life...sad but true.


  prima12 12:02 26 Jun 2004

Hold on GANDALF <|:-)> it was only a question, I'm not paranoid, just curious. It's a bit off when you can't ask a question without a rather sharp reply from yourself.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:03 26 Jun 2004

;-))) = winky.


  prima12 12:14 26 Jun 2004

So is it not good to be security conscious about putting your C/C numbers over the internet. I know that the sites are secure (or I think they are as I have not had any problem so far) but I take security of anything very seriously, so perhaps you could call me 'paranoid' to some extent.

  Stowit 12:29 26 Jun 2004

I don't really understand the abilities of key loggers, & although concerned, it'd take a pretty nifty program or determined snoop to find anything interesting in my typing! There are much easyer pickings in the average persons rubbish bin. - All bank, credit card, & ID stuff sat outside the very address they pertain to. I think your concern , Prima, may be missplaced.

  prima12 12:42 26 Jun 2004

Thanks for the reassurance, this was why I asked in the first place. I don't understand how confidential details are kept on a PC, and wether they are accessible from an outside source or not. We are continually bombarded with 'security security security' all the time, and for mere novices like me it can be quite daunting, perhaps when I reach 60 in not too many years I will understand more.

  The Spires 12:52 26 Jun 2004

If you are using IE, go into internet options then the advanced tab, scroll down do security & tick the box 'Don’t save encrypted pages to disk'. Any info you tap in on secure sites won't be saved on your hard drive.

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