Key Loggers really a problem?

  Nant 13:13 09 Jan 2010

I use Win XP SP3 with Avast AV. and Online Armor free firewall.

I use on-line banking and wonder whether it is worth installing one of the anti-key logging programmes such as KeyScrambler to increase my protection.

Has anybody any experience of this programme and any pluses or minuses? Or am I just becoming neurotic?

Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:35 09 Jan 2010

What antispyware are you running? Malwarebytes will find keyloggers.

  skidzy 14:45 09 Jan 2010

You would have to be seriously unlucky to be caught with a keylogger on the computer.
That said, of course it is possible but it would depend on your surfing habits and what you decide to download and where from.

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ says, running SAS and MBAM will certainly help you keep the computer tidy.

SAS free click here
MBAM click here

  Nant 15:00 09 Jan 2010

Thanks for the responses, I have Malwarebytes and Super Anti-spyware installed, I usually update and run these about once a week. The trouble is they don't prevent key loggers installing they only find and remove them after the event. A programme like KeyScrambler appears to prevent as yet undiscovered loggers doing any damage.

Hopefully you are right, the risks are low.

Thanks again.

  Woolwell 21:21 09 Jan 2010

Some anti-virus suites provide a virtual keyboard displayed on the screen so that you can input passwords, etc and according to them defeat keyloggers. Kaspersky provides one.

  GaT7 21:31 09 Jan 2010

Woolwell, good idea. Windows has its own onscreen virtual keyboard:

XP click here

Vista click here

Win7 click here


  GaT7 21:37 09 Jan 2010

According to one site, they are not thief-proof:

"Using a virtual keyboard isn't an absolute guarantee against having your login and password lifted—thieves can be rather resourceful, of course—but it is a good defence against hardware and basic software key-loggers."


  Woolwell 22:52 09 Jan 2010

I read somewhere that the Windows virtual keyboards were not that effective as they sent the same commands as using a normal keyboard. I don't know how Kaspersky's differs (and for security reasons I doubt that they would state how). See click here

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