Key logger again

  vinnyo123 13:17 22 Jul 2005

I recently ran into a PC that had a key logger installed (physically).This person had the key-logger APP. installed by maybe wife, friend kids etc.

Now we all know to lock PCs with Admin accounts and let user's use user account. Also firewalls detecting outgoing traffic.(but not all people do this)

My question is I had search this baby down manually. I ran AVG (home) ad-ware and spy-bot and they found nothing.

So I researched the company selling this key-logger and noticed that people do bye this and install it to spy on whoever.(installed physically of course).

Does anyone know of a software that will detect these new available for purchase key-loggers. I am currently running some test for this.(to save me time hunting them down)

Gonna try Trojan remover
some online scans-some other free-bees please?

And also this key-logger did not show up in running processes (maybe as svchost)

thanks in advance

  €dstowe 13:43 22 Jul 2005

Could the seller of this software not tell you how to detect it?

I would be very suspicious about anyone even thinking about installing a keylogging device on a private computer and even installing into a commercial (office) computer is very "iffy" in my opinion. It shows a deep mistrust in the person being spied on and indicates, perhaps, some psychological instability in the person doing the spying. The only circumstances that I can see where this activity has any legitimacy is in matters of national security and in cases like that, the authorities have far more sophisticated equipment at their disposal than any tin-pot software available to you or me.

  rawprawn 13:46 22 Jul 2005

click here Download and run it, unless you know exactly what you are doing, get expert advice before you delete anything.
But like €dstowe I find your situation very strange indeed.

  vinnyo123 14:04 22 Jul 2005

Yes the company had instructions how to operate and uninstall. The only problem is how will someone detect it if not knowing it's on there PC. There is a lot of legitimate companies selling these key-loggers and obviously selling there software. There are people out there that will spy on there kids, wives and husbands etc.

My situation is that a client - person came to me and asked if I would search for one on his her PC so I did and I had time and did some serious searching and came across one, manually searching. It had it's exe file and it was named key-logger but it was hiding in a windows directory where most user's don't go.

I was just testing in my environment with the same APP. and trying to search for software that detects these available key - loggers.

So far the above did not detect it.

I am going to test Hijack this but I suspect it will show as svchost as well and then again most user's will not suspect this. svchost is a touchy subject as to how many Windows XP actually use.

PS: I do agree with the above that it is wrong to use software like this and people should try to get parent guardian software to work on there PC's.But as we all know it's just not like that.

again thanks in advance

  vinnyo123 14:22 22 Jul 2005

I tried hijack this and it didn't detect it.
Here is the only one that I couldn't confirm:
O23 - Service: MS Software Generic Host Process for Win32 Services (svchost) - Unknown owner - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\svchost.exe

I went to directory and it was created in the year 2000 and was not modified so I am assuming this is a ligate WIN service.

Please note that I am just wondering and researching this for learning reasons. I am just trying to figure out how a software company can sell this (we all know people are going to use this in an evil way) So I just figured why are all the top companies are not detecting this is it because it is registered in the registry because a admin account installed the software.

Again thanks for your opinions.

  rawprawn 15:04 22 Jul 2005

click here download and have look at what this says about C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\svchost.exe on your system, use the online anyliser to check.

  vinnyo123 00:19 23 Jul 2005

Ok I think all has miss understood the meaning of my post; there are key-loggers out there that can be purchased and loaded physically by a friend, parent co-worker etc. and be undetected by all the top dogs.

The companies selling this software say they are undetected by top software companies and so far there right!!

Just a thought to keep in mind !!!!

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