Key Logger

  Hetti 10:23 25 May 2006

After running a proggramme to monitor any Key logging Activities I got the report that there were suspicious activities, but I do not know how to deal with them.
Are all of the entries definately harmful, if not how do I find out which is which.
Win XP

  VoG II 10:24 25 May 2006

Which program did you run?

  beynac 10:31 25 May 2006

Could this be the "suspicious activity"?
click here

  Hetti 10:38 25 May 2006

The proggramme was called KL Detector V1.3 (from a post I read in PC Advisor).
That is one of the entries that came up in the report, which prompted me to post this question.

  gudgulf 10:43 25 May 2006

If you didn't install the Dime program then ask around anyone else who has access to your machine.

If you are getting other suspicious activity then the Dime program may have been installed by a trojan or rogue installer.

With most distributed computing projects contributors score points....some people slyly install the clients onto other peoples machines to boost their own points score(it's known as Borging).......another set of low life hide the installer in a fake download and you get something you didn't bargain on as a result.

Not a "proper" trojan either so your scanners wont pick up the installer.

So have you downloaded anything recently that didn't seem to do what you expected?

Perhaps you could post the entries that worry you here......and look in your program files for the Dime program.

If you find it post back.

  Hetti 11:29 25 May 2006

Sorry for delay getting back here Dyson engineer called, probs with that too.
As Im a PC REAL novice I cannot even find the KL Detector, its not in add remove prog, or on start> all programmes list so I cannot sent you the list sorry. How can I find it to let you have the list?
I will not be able to get back online until later, I will check back then

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