key logger

  beginnersluck 17:28 22 Apr 2005


can anyone recommend a good key logger (preferably a free download) that isn't spyware

thanks for any assist

  gudgulf 17:57 22 Apr 2005

Since keylogger's are meant to track what is being done on a pc(usually without the users knowledge) argueably ALL keyloggers are spyware!

Any particular reason for needing one?

  spuds 19:13 22 Apr 2005

About 30 Keyloggers to choose from, some free but most shareware click here

  broggs 19:23 22 Apr 2005

to my postings

  beginnersluck 00:26 23 Apr 2005

Thanks Spuds - v helpful

Gudgolf - I don't know of a better way to see what the kids are up to, and I do know they've been where i don't want themm to be

  Gandalph 00:30 23 Apr 2005

Put a parental lock on the machine instead of a keylogger.

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