Nuneatonian 20:25 16 Aug 2011

Hi all I have had a computer for quite a few years, the one I have now have had around 2. Just recently I am getting the blue screen of death daily. Tends to happen when I am on the internet. Or the computer is sitting idle for a while. I have vista home premium sp2 32bit On the screen is this. As above the kernel error, plus these codes 0x00000007A, 0xC0403DE8, 0xC0000009D,0x28DB0860, 0x807BD12 base, 807A9000 date stamp 49eo1eee and also crash dump at the end. Though I have had computers, I am not that technically minded, means nothing to me. I don't really want to go down the road of having to start my computer from scratch, as it looks a long drawn out process, even though I have made disks a couple of days after I bought the computer, give me the disks they used to give you, before the manufacturers decided to preload them, and I am worried I may **@@@ my computer. I have tried restore but it has made no difference. I rely on my computer.

             Help please
              Thank you - Nuneatonian
  Nuneatonian 12:50 17 Aug 2011

hi there Do I need to move this post to another forum, as it is rather complicated? As I have had no replies. Could the administrators perhaps move it for me, and notify me if they do

  ams4127 20:48 17 Aug 2011

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