"Kernal_Data_page_error" Appears after "standby"

  AnthonyB 20:12 12 Feb 2004


When I go in stand by mode, and come back after an hour or so, a page FULL of text appears, of whuch some is of the tile of this thread Kernal_Data_page_error.

I can't read the rest because it stays on for around 20 seconds, then reboots - and everything seems fine then i guess, but it's not something that should happen i wouldn't have thought!. The screen goes all blue, and full of (estimate) 200/300 words.

Thanks in advace (TIA:)


  Chegs ® 20:57 12 Feb 2004

From guesswork,the system going into standby is storing its data in RAM,while its inactive,another process is eating up resources so when you reactivate the system,the data is corrupted resulting in the system crashing.

Now,if your OS is XP,then have a look in the error logs and see what its saying.If its an earlier OS(98/ME)these are well known for suffering from resource leakage,and there isn't much you can do,other than install a memory manager such as CacheMan click here

  AnthonyB 21:14 12 Feb 2004

Thanks cheg will go check

It is WIN XP BTW, and on standby, there was several web pages loaded, so could be that standbyneeds bo background programmes?



  VoG II 21:15 12 Feb 2004

click here may or may not help you, depending on your fluency in Dutch.

  AnthonyB 21:26 12 Feb 2004

Thanks Vog for the lead...

Looking at a thread similar, click here it looks like my HD could be on slave? - well, I did put second HD in last week for an hour os so to restore data from the second drive, I was fiddling about with cables because it would boot up at first (No system disk etc) and may have put the main drive back on the wrong IDE cable/splitter (that one in the middle you know!)

Not sure though, because if it is a slave drive, would it not work in the first place unless I TELL it to in BIOS. (I have just the one HD in now BTW)


  VoG II 21:29 12 Feb 2004

Yep, configure the HDD as Master Only click here

  AnthonyB 21:47 12 Feb 2004


Just swapped the cable round (middle connector was connected to the HD not the first (end) one).

Why doesn't it "master" on the middle cable anyway? - just curious:) Talking about an IDE cable of course with two end connectors, and one in the middle


  AnthonyB 21:49 12 Feb 2004

Oh forgot to mention....could this also be the reason I haven't been able to perform "system restore" latley?) (it says, "cannot restore to >>such and such<<< point(s) etc")


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