Kernal Trap Error

  scooby43 17:39 22 Jan 2003
  scooby43 17:39 22 Jan 2003


is anyone able to tell me what a kernal Trap error is as I have posted a problem that I have but I have not had any luck with my last thread ?


  scooby43 17:41 22 Jan 2003

here is the thread that I posted

click here

I am not sure if I have made it too difficult to understand :(

  AndySD 17:44 22 Jan 2003

Does this help?

Windows NT, 2000, 98, XP will crash with an Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap blue screen error immediately after, or while running software, often when trying to access a network, or the Internet with Internet Explorer. May also cause the computer to reboot or completely lock up.

Symantec has issued a LiveUpdate to address this issue. Run the Norton LiveUpdate and download all updates.

  AndySD 17:54 22 Jan 2003

Hmm after reading your other thread try attaching the 20 gig drive and boot into the bios. Make sure virus checking is disabled and thet the ide for the hard drive is set to DMA. (If it is try setting it to PIO)

  scooby43 17:56 22 Jan 2003

Hi AndySD

I am not sure if you have read the link to my last thread. I have had lots of problems with my 20gb hard drive and I am currently using my 8gb.

I dont know much about trap errors though seems worrying as

I havent mangaged to get it working for example in the thread I am unable to load XP has it gives me a corrupted file (Before Getting To XP Setup) and asks me to restart my comp it is still on NTFS too I had thought about putting it in as slave trying to use partition magic to format it but I dont if it will work.

thanks for your response

  scooby43 17:59 22 Jan 2003

and just to add I tried using the XP disk whilst only using my 8gb and it went through the set up fine so its a bit strange.

I am using win 98 though at the moment

  AndySD 18:12 22 Jan 2003

What make is the 20 gig drive?

  roy 19:11 22 Jan 2003

Hi Andy,

I am related to Scooby43 and am aware of the problem he is having. I believe the following details apply: 20.4Gb Fujitsu UDMA1005400rpm


  AndySD 20:07 22 Jan 2003

Try using Erase Utility click here on the drive then load windows xp

  scooby43 20:08 22 Jan 2003


thanks for the responses is anyone else able to help ?


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