Kerio Personal Firewall

  Mike D 11:44 18 Jul 2006

I have been trying Kerio as an alternative and, whilst I quite like it, I cannot get it to start automatically. This means that if I am not careful (and I am apporoaching senility) I can have a live brioadband connection without the benefit of any firewall. I have looked in vain for a configuation option to load this as a "start" item and I have emailed Kerio support earlier today, but no answer yet.

Any suggestion please?

  Jackcoms 12:00 18 Jul 2006

I'm not familiar with Kerio so this may not be the ideal solution.

I'll assume you're using Windows XP.

Create a short cut to Kerio - Start; All Programs. Right click on Kerio and left click on Create Shortcut (send to desktop).

Now move that shortcut to C:\Documents & Settings; All Users; Start Menu; Programs; Startup.

That should allow Kerio to run each time you boot up.

  dms05 12:00 18 Jul 2006

You must be using an old version as Kerio has been a 'pay for' product for some time.

Lot's of others available. I currently like Comodo click here and they do a whole host of other free programs. Their Firewall is very professional, they answer emails and have a UK operation. Have a look.

  Belatucadrus 12:09 18 Jul 2006

Odd as the default setting is to start with windows and the only way to disable it is to deselect Kerio in the services tab when you run MSCONFIG. I'd suggest running msconfig and checking that it's there.
As to getting an answer from Kerio, unlikely as they passed responsibility for the firewall to Sunbelt click here . You could try contacting them click here or take the oft repeated advice with any recalcitrant programme; Delete it the clean the registry and reinstall.

  Belatucadrus 12:14 18 Jul 2006

Incorrect, Kerio runs as the Pro version for thirty days at which point you may either buy a license or it will kill a few features and run as the free version. The only appreciable difference after the move from Kerio to Sunbelt is that the Pro versions price dropped.

  Mike D 13:31 18 Jul 2006

Right guys, thanks for the replies. I will have to leave this until tonight after the salt mines close.
dms05, as Belatucadrus says, this is the 30 day evaluation trial prior to purchasing or using the free one, so it should be up to date.

I think that a combination of Belatucadrus' and Jackcoms' ideas will probably be the solution.

I'll keep you posted.


  johndrew 13:53 18 Jul 2006

I replaced the XP SP2 firewall with Kerio some time back (prior to the Sunbelt takeover) and from installation it has run from normal startup with no input from me. I have always had the blue shield present in the right hand toolbar and can run the XP SP2 firewall at the same time if I wish.

I presume you downloaded the Personal version click here and simply installed it without changing any of the default settings? If not did you prevent a toolbar or startup icon being created?

If all else fails you could uninstall and reinstall with default settings.

  Mike D 14:44 18 Jul 2006


Yes I did D/L the personal versioin and, as far as I can remember, OK'd all the default settings. Me thinks it will be a reinstall jobbie.


  johndrew 15:09 18 Jul 2006

Let us know how you get on and what you end up doing.

Hope all goes well.

  Mike D 22:32 18 Jul 2006

Right then, firewall seems to be OK. I have checked the services area and Kerio was not, for some reason, set up to start automatically, so I have changed that. I have not, as yet done a reinstall, so I will hold that in reserve.

Ticked as resolved, but if needs be I will report any further developments.

Thanks again guys.


  Mike D 08:18 24 Jul 2006

Well now a final update.

Kerio did eventually respond. There advice was virtually identical to yours but did include a new link to download. I have downloaded, uninstalled and reinstalled, tried to force the service to aut start, but to no avail. Now back with Zone Alarm.


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