Kerio Firewall Settings

  birdface 01:17 24 Oct 2008

Hi.Paid for version of Kerio .Just the one question.Under Network Security.Trusted Area. I have one article ticked.This is Loopback. Under Address/Dial up Number I have Under Adapter.N/A.Now there are another 2 Items on there that are not ticked,They are under address/dial up. / under Adapter, Via compatible fast Ethernet, And the other one is under Address/dial up, Via compatible Ethernet. the last 2 IP address/mask.Anybody tell me if the last 2 should also be ticked or left unticked . I can only think that they may be something to do with the ISP Modem.Any advice welcome.

  birdface 12:47 24 Oct 2008

Cmon Technotiger where are you when I need you.Any ideas.Just the one ticked or all 3 ticked.On Broadband with Virgin.

  Technotiger 13:53 24 Oct 2008

Hi - never fear TT is here ... You do not need to make any adjustments/alterations to what appears under the Trusted Area tab - it is all done automatically by the program. I have 11 boxes ticked and four not ticked, but I have not done any of that manually, as I said, all automatic which to me is part of the beauty of Sunbelt (Kerio) Personal Firewall.

  birdface 20:29 24 Oct 2008

Many thanks Technotiger.Thats it all done then.I have done all the alterations that you have given me in the previous thread and was just a bit worried in case I had to have those boxes ticked as well.I can close this thread now that I know everything is as it should be.Once again Thank You for all of your help it was appreciated.

  Technotiger 20:30 24 Oct 2008

My pleasure ....

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