Kensington Mouse settings not saved on start up

  wandiligong 01:28 12 Feb 2010

Just bought a Kensington Slimblade Trackball Bluetooth mouse and use on XP PC. Left hand button setting, cursor speed, etc can be changed in control panel but revert on start up. I have changed settings in registry swapmousebuttons=1 in HKEY_USERS and HKEY_CURRENT_USER to no avail. Kensington say mouse is not configurable so have to reset on each start up. Cannot understand why this would be so ie different to all other brands.

Accepting this advice from Kensington, does anyone have any suggestions on how to automate on start up the process of having to open control panel and change the settings (macro?). Person using PC has a disability which makes any unnecessary keying a chore

Any suggestions would be appreciated

  eedcam 08:36 12 Feb 2010

Can you not just create a shortcut on the desktop

  wandiligong 23:31 14 Feb 2010

Thanks eedcam - a shortcut would help but I was really looking for an automatically executed arrangement ie perhaps a macro activated by Scheduler on start up.
I am puzzled by why the registry change will not fix the problem

Thanks again for your interest

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