kensington locks are they sufficent?

  toni b 02:00 24 Dec 2003

I am about work on a ship and frompast experince there are many people with light fingers so i am looking to buy a kensington lock for my laptop I am looking here click here and have absoloutely no idea about these locks I will be in uk for a few hours so can any body give advice in regards of what lock I should buy or are they very similar over all????
Regards Toni

Merry Xmas

a kensington lock is probably about your only choice and well worth having as it will stop any casual chancer just picking it up and walking away but remember that if some-one is aware of your machine and wants it badly enough to go fetch a tool from the engine room then they will be away with it in less than five seconds. your best bet will be to keep it securely locked away and don't advertise the fact that you have one. other than that insure it and check how your personal possesions are covered in your contract.

horiz5 is perfectly correct - a kensington Lock is your ONLY option to secure your Laptop apart from locking away. The idea is to prevent the casual thief or opportunist. At the end of the day, if someone wants it badly enough they will get it, Look at the Brinks Mat Job!!

  Jester2K 08:56 24 Dec 2003

Also look into SmartWater tagging click here

Apparently you can buy the basic kits in Halfords.

Make sure you apply the stick on the case to show its marked..

This is the one you want i think click here

Speak to the local police too. Surrey Police are maing a big thing of the introcuction of Smart Water round here....

Also PCPhoneHome software - click here

If the lappy is stolen when its next used on the internerd it'll e-mail you to tell you where it is!!!

  The Spires 09:18 24 Dec 2003

I found the SmartWater link most interesting. thank you.

  Jester2K 09:23 24 Dec 2003

Its simalar to the Data-Tag system i used a few years ago on my motorbike. Theres also AlphaDots too but SmartWater is the newest...

  Belatucadrus 12:23 24 Dec 2003

You could also look at an alarm lock click here

  Forum Editor 12:39 24 Dec 2003

can be traced or identified after the event, but what you're really interested in is preventing a theft in the first place.

Kensington locks are excellent in that they deter the opportunist - a wire cable makes it difficult to steal the machine on the spur of the moment - but they won't deter someone who plans ahead, and comes equipped with wirecutters.

By far the best deterrent is the Defcon alarm mentioned by Belatacudrus, it makes a deafening racket as soon as the machine is moved. Put a big sticker on the lid, warning any would-be thief that the computer is alarmed, and protected by hidden devices, and you have a fairly safe set up. Make sure that you use a UV marker pen to put your post code somewhere on the machine - I always do it on the inside of the little lid that removes to provide access to the RAM slots - so it can be identified by police in the event of a theft.

Keep the computer hidden as much as you can, and don't talk about it more than you have to.

  toni b 13:04 24 Dec 2003

Thanks to All for responding very grateful for all the advice, I will most definetly buy a Kensington lock as they can be picked up at the Airport and will check out the defcon alarm (not sure if it will keep activating due ships movement will have to check that one out)

  Jester2K 13:39 24 Dec 2003

The SmartWater also acts as a deterant. You get stickers to go on the device. click here

Anyone offered a laptop "down the pub" with those on will think twice about it.

It was certainly true that DataTag reduced bike theft by a considerable amount because the bike was marked and tagged and couldn't be sold whole or in parts...

  [email protected]@m 15:37 24 Dec 2003

And I thought Kensington Locks were part of the Thames Barrier.

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