Keepvid-Corrup iTunes Music File Sort Field

  hmartin 17:33 12 May 2017

I recently used the trial version of Keepvid to copy and convert a YouTube video to MP3 format and download to my iTunes library. When I updated the iTunes library and synced with an iPod, the "artist" field in the "sort" tab for certain music files was changed to the name of an incorrect artist. There was no logic to the changes and they only occurred for certain artists. Has anyone experienced this error and, if so, how did you correct it?

  Archonar 12:50 13 May 2017

I believe if you find the mp3, and right click the file, under details there will be all the information you need to change. You will first have to remove the song from the library to get it to refresh though, but it should work.

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