Keeping windows 7 up to date

  ponytail 07:55 25 Apr 2014

I run Windows 7 and just wondered how I keep it up to date.I think it is set to run updates automatically but not sure.How do I check this or is it easier to just check for updates yourself on a regular basis.

  onthelimit1 08:50 25 Apr 2014

Start, Control Panel, Windows Update, Change Settings

  ponytail 09:46 25 Apr 2014

Hi onthelimit1 Have done what you suggested and it says updates are available for your computer 1 Important update is available 2 Optional updates are available and opposite it says no updates are currently selected. But cannot see any option to select download or install these updates. Can you advise Thanks

  onthelimit1 09:54 25 Apr 2014

Click 'updates are available'. Tick them then OK. You'll then go back to previous page where there will now be a box to download and install updates.

  Pine Man 10:17 25 Apr 2014

....or set it to only notify you when updates are available then you can select and install the ones you want.

  ponytail 12:06 25 Apr 2014

Hi Chaps first jock1e where do I find services and then disable windows updates.onthelimit1 when you said click updates are available did you mean click on important update is available because have done that then clicked on ok and it goes back to previous page but there is no box to download and install updates

  onthelimit1 15:54 25 Apr 2014

If you click important updates, then tick the boxes alongside those then OK, you should then have a Download and Install. If all too difficult, just set the updates to do everything automatically in Settings.

  iscanut 16:50 25 Apr 2014

You an always check exarch month as Microsoft usually issue most updates on the second Tuesday each month but best to check on the following Wednesday to allow for our clock differences.

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