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  Dearersteak 21:10 14 Nov 2003

Hi, I’m Dearer Steak,... You might remember me from such threads as "LED's and connects" and "Linux Knoppixs"

Ok, enough of my Simpson quotes...

Or a more serious note...

I'm now running a 2600+ 333Fsb AMD that i build only a few days ago. Here’s what I’ve got

2600+ AMD
Asus A7V8X-MX - click here
512Mb DDR
Cooler Master Aero 7 lite - click here

Basically... when I first put the parts together into, and run it, the idle temp was about 45C degrees. But after a few days, it’s at 50 when idle. Is that normal?

Secondly, when I Max’s the CPU out at 100% for a long time, the temp sneaks up to 53/54C.

I'm going to install a case fan tomorrow with any luck, with involves me cutting a hole in my case, as its an old case, and there’s no where else to mount one.

The other thing i wanted to ask was... its meant to be a 2.08Ghz... but in My Computer, its only coming up as 1.91Ghz. Any reason for this? Or is that normal?

Thanks all!

  sil_ver 23:04 14 Nov 2003

Temp is not unusual maybe a bit higher than norm. depends on the location of PC and cooling. Your 2600+ could be the 'Barton' which does run at about 1.92GHz.

  leo49 23:10 14 Nov 2003

The Aero Lite doesn't get a good press with several testers alleging a design fault which the 7+ version corrected. I've just built a 2800 with a 7+ cooler and the CPU temp hovers just below/just above 40C.

  Dearersteak 10:44 15 Nov 2003

well... like i say... i have a woping great 500W power supply thats got 2 fans, one on the back, and underneith just above the Heatsink/Fan.

But because its an old case that was build for a 600Mhz AMD, the airflow is'nt very impresive. There does'nt seem to be many places to get cool air in.

How about it i cut a hole in the side panel on the case, and mount a fan there? (am off to get a fan today)

Where about should i mount it? Above the North brige area? nearer the bottom? or over the Ram banks?

Thanks all...

  fred 15:27 15 Nov 2003

53/54 degrees is nothing to be worried about. My 2400 sits quite happily at 66 degrees all day running UD. No case fan used here to reduce noise.

  hugh-265156 15:41 15 Nov 2003
  Bris 20:15 15 Nov 2003

Airflow can make quite a difference to temperatures inside the case. When fitting a new fan the orientation is important i.e. whether it is sucking air into the case or blowing it out. I have found that the best orientation seems to be to suck cold air into the bottom of the case and extract the hot air from the top. I assume that your power supply fans are extracting air from the top in which case try the new fan sucking air in from the bottom. You need to avoid a partial vacuum in the case by having all fans extracting (they just fight each other) or high pressure by having all fans sucking air in.

  Dearersteak 19:52 16 Nov 2003

OK,... Heres a follow up.

Went out, and brough a 80mm fan. Spent nearly an hour and a bit trying to cut the hole in the side panel to mount it, but go there in the end. Even finsihed it off with a nice little fan grill cover.

Here are the results.

CPU is now running a full 10 Degrees C cooler that before... And the MoBo again, is 10 degrees cooler too. have'nt tested this out at 100% work load, but am sure it would be cooler.

thanks to everyone who posted and gave there veiws

Green tick on the way

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