Keeping photos....?

  B.J. 05:55 17 May 2011

I take LOTS of digital photos and have been using Picasa now for a year or two.I'm always looking at my pics and trying various changes to improve 'em. I've just realised (and been told) that it's not a good thing to store my pics in jpeg because playing with them and continually messing about with them even viewing them, they will deteriorate and be ruined over time. The problem is.....I'm knee deep in pics (all jpeg) and already desperate to sort 'em somehow but how do I sort and save 'em now with different file types to consider I'm thinking of taking up knitting instead.....the stress is getting to me! HELP PLEASE before I dance on the grave of my beloved camera. B.J.

  Kevscar1 07:52 17 May 2011

Well thats the first time I've heard that. Some of my pics are from the 90's and I've seen no sign of quality loss. If you really are worried burn them all to a DVD and put that somewhere safe. Use what's on your hard drive to view and play with.

  eedcam 08:33 17 May 2011

kevscar Granted you probably dont notice the difference that dont mean there isn't . And its really sometimes problem with frequent edting Ie Jpeg is a Lossy format

B.J possibly not worth worrying about though as said I would store the masters on some other media dont know about dvd apart from the space (which memory sticks can beat) CD more reliable than dvd.If you want to save as a Lossles format whilst reating a small size the Jpeg2000 is lossles link text

  hssutton 08:34 17 May 2011

The first rule of editing Jpeg's is never work on the original, always work on a copy, all your "quality problems are then solved. Viewing/moving only, will have no affect on the quality.

How you eventually save all your photos is up to you. My preferred method is to external hard drives. All photos are taken in the "Raw" format and saved as such.

  hssutton 08:36 17 May 2011

Should read "My preferred method is to external hard drives. All My photos are taken in the "Raw" format and saved as such".

  eedcam 09:18 17 May 2011

agree nevr work on the original but then never work on a Jpeg either convert the duplicate to a lossles format first unless you can always ? do all your editing and saving in one go

  B.J. 21:57 17 May 2011

Thanks for the answers folks, you've given me some more ideas. I've got to decide where to put 'em when they're new off the camera and keep 'em separate from the 'rotting' jpegs that I play with. By the way, be warned, I've already lost some jpeg pictures that have reduced in size so much that now they only show in the middle of the screen !! Thanks again.....B.J.

  David4637 14:18 18 May 2011

If you open, edit, and save a jpg it uses a compression utility to save it. If you then open up this saved jpg again, edit it and save it, the quality will slowly go down hill, the more times you do this action. David

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