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  wildrover 15:06 24 Sep 2003

Is there a way to force word to open someone else's, downloaded word documents with my settings? I download lots of word documents from my work site which other people have created. When I open them, all the toolbar settings, page widths, etc. also transfer. Then, when I start word again, it opens up with the transferred settings rather than my preferences.

I'm sure there must be an easy way to stop this. Any ideas please?

  wildrover 09:21 25 Sep 2003

Will try this one again.

  graham√ 09:50 25 Sep 2003

The deafening silence may indicate there isn't an easy way! When you set the font, are you clicking the Default button, bottom left?

  wildrover 10:34 25 Sep 2003

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the font stays at default. The most irritating changes are to the toolbars and the view, i.e. whether normal, web, etc. and zoom, i.e. page width, 100% etc. I suppose it is "only" an irritation and about half a dozen clicks usually sorts it out but I do open lots of downloaded docs in my job!!

  Peter 11:51 25 Sep 2003


Perhaps if you saved a document of your own, with all of your toolbars and views set, then you could open that one after you have had your settings upset by someone elses document?

I haven't tried this as I find other documents usually only upset the view magnification, but it might be worth a try.


  wildrover 12:34 25 Sep 2003


Thanks. What I am finding, though, is that the "correct" saved document, opens up with some of the settings of the downloaded one. My current workaround (when I remember)is to change all the settings on my downloaded document to my preferences and then to close it.

By the way, none of the "changes" affect the document as such. But working at home, as I do, I find my prefered settings make the docs easier to read and edit on my computer. Not too much of a problem if I am doing just a quick review but a pain otherwise.

I guess I am going to have to live with this. Unless there is an answer out there??

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