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  picklesy 08:44 12 Aug 2004

i saw a post on here something to do with an exhaust(i think)i don,t think it,s a fan.would someone be kind enough to tell me if this works better than a case fan,how much they cost and are they quiet.was going to do a search but i,m not sure what i,m looking for.also are they easy to install.thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:47 12 Aug 2004

I had one in for all of 2 days a couple of years ago - it takes up a PCI slot and is about the size of a graphics card.

I found that there were two problems: firstly, it was noisy (perhaps because it was cheap); secondly, it just did not work Cast temp went up a couple of degrees, possibly becausue it was interfering with normal air movements.

  User-312386 08:49 12 Aug 2004

click here you will find an exhaust here

  picklesy 08:55 12 Aug 2004

thanks for the link.i was going to install another case fan there is an area at the back of the pc case for this any ideas on what the best option would be.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:57 12 Aug 2004

That one looks like the one I had, only shorter. At that price there is no harm in trying, but I found that a standard 120mm fan running slower did the job better and quieter.

  smoothcue 09:00 12 Aug 2004

These are exhaust blowers,they suck out the hot air close to the motherboard,they fit into an empty pci slot,so yes they are simple to fit but no,they are nowhere near as effective as a good case fan,best to use alongside good cooling fans.

The main brand are Akasa,prices vary between £2-10 so look round for best price.If you search in Google you will get plenty of online stores with varying prices.
Hope this helps.

  picklesy 09:00 12 Aug 2004

ok thanks for that fans looking good.

  User-312386 09:10 12 Aug 2004

also remember if you are using a fan to "blow out" air then turn it round

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