Keeping email adress with change b`band supplier

  123Boozer 16:57 07 Apr 2010

Originaly my email and broadband were provided by the same ISP. They outsorced the broadband to another company who apparently have no connection with the original ISP. I am considering changing to BT for broadband as it is a better deal.
If I change to BT will I be able to keep my original email address and have a second address at BT. Keeping the original address is the priority.

  User-1229748 17:41 07 Apr 2010

don't know who your original isp was but i still use an aol address that i still have after leaving aol 3-4 years ago

  wiz-king 17:59 07 Apr 2010

When I changed from dial-up to broadband I changed one of my email addresses to their email only service, I think it costs about £9 a year.
Ask your ISP.

  Miké 18:55 07 Apr 2010

Why not bite the bullet and get an email that's independent of any isp?

Otherwise you are just saving up problems for the future, as you cannot guarantee that the old address will continue to be available.

  Switcher 20:07 07 Apr 2010

Sign up for BT payg dial up as well as BT broadband and use the Payg email address. If you later change broadband ISP you will still be able to use the BT payg address at no charge

  northumbria61 23:22 07 Apr 2010

A bit of good reading/advice here for an email address that's independent of any ISP - as suggested by Mike

click here

  ashdav 00:21 08 Apr 2010

Your old email address should still work as long as it is still hosted ie. the company does not go out of business or no-one takes them over.
Email accounts are never deleted (no matter who they are with) to prevent duplication.
This is why it's so hard to come up with an original name for an email account.
They've all been used before !

  KremmenUK 07:10 08 Apr 2010

FYI Pipex/Tiscali killed my email accounts off within a week of me changing to O2.

  palinka 12:37 08 Apr 2010

My real email address is [email protected] etc, and has been for about 8 years; before that I'd tried out several others.
My solution is to have a domain name - mine is hosted by and costs a couple of £ a year.
It acts as a forwarder - I give everyone my domain name as my email address and everything is instantly forwarded to my Pipex address. If I change from Pipex I'll only need to tell to forward to such and such an ISP , instead of to Pipex. As far as all my friends are concerned my email address will remain the same.
Other alternative, especially if you're on broadband so the per minute cost is not an issue, is to continue as you are but pik up all your emails from webmail, using IE or whatever browser you use, instead of OE.
But it's a long-winded method as a permanent solution.

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