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  Yimbo 00:51 24 Jan 2006

I want to change to another broadband supplier offering faster and cheaper rates - but having letterheads, business cards etc printed with my present email address - to say nothing of umpteen contacts who use it to email me - is it possible to change supplier and still keep my current address?

  AndySD 02:50 24 Jan 2006

Not normally you will need to contaact your isp and if they will expect a charge.

  bellababy 05:08 24 Jan 2006

The answer to this could be interesting as I have over the past few years accumulated several e-mail address's they came with pay as you go ISP's except for my hotmail address which you can gain access to from any online PC.
My main ISP is now AOL (Broadband) I know from experience that I can access all the other addresses and hotmail either using MS Outlook Express, or going to the relevant ISP web site.
What I don't know is if I cancelled my AOL Broadband would I be able to retain my AOL addresses as I have done with all the other servers?
I suspect but don't know the answer, that the address would still be mine and that I could gain access via their web site.

  dms05 07:50 24 Jan 2006

I've chosen to pay for my email service so I can use it on any ISP. It costs me about 7p/day and it's well worth it! click here for their free webmail, their Premium Service is chargeable and offers POP/SMTP.

  bellababy 08:02 24 Jan 2006

Why do that? I have ( see my other response)
one address, two address's, one address, all accessable via their respective web sites,or I can download via MS Outlook Express, and they don't cost me a penny.
And I use them all from time to time.

  Simsy 12:30 24 Jan 2006

a "pay as you go" service then you probably can keep the address. What you would have to do, (I suspect), is change the account you have with your current BBand supplier to be a dial up PAYG one, if that's possible.

Good luck,



  jimv7 13:25 24 Jan 2006

Why not use an online email address, hotmail, yahoo,or gmail, you can email all in your address book with the new address.

  CLONNEN 13:28 24 Jan 2006

If your broadband supplier also has a dial-up service contact them to ask if you can downgrade your broadband account to a dial-up account. That way you would keep your existing email address.

Some broadband suppliers will no longer allow downgrades to dial-up though.

  pj123 15:17 24 Jan 2006

Yes, it is a bit of a bind when changing ISPs and you enter an email address (which you already have) and up comes an error message saying: "Sorry you can't have that because someone has already got it" and you think yes it is me. Surely, there must be some way round that? I usually add a number to the end of it, but it still means I have to inform all my contacts of the new email address.

I also have an Hotmail email address which all my contacts have so it doesn't really matter in my case. If I change ISP at least my Hotmail account stays the same.

  bellababy 20:36 24 Jan 2006

That's an interesting point about someone already having your name. I tried for mine at AOL and it has already been allocated or so they say.
I think that some years ago when living in Ireland before I signed up with AOL here in the UK I tried their service for a short while, then discarded it having possibly used my name, but don't ask me what the password was.
As a experiment I e-mailed the 'allocated' address (mine?) and it failed as something like not known. I ask myself is this my now defunct e-mail address? and if so how do I find out? and resurrect it?

  Chegs ®™ 20:51 24 Jan 2006

I have changed ISP more times than I care to recall,and am still able to use my previous email addresses,all I needed to do was setup OE to send mail via my latest ISP.

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