Keeping count of downloaded data ?

  celticbhoy0 20:15 04 May 2004

I have just subscribed to a broadband internet conection that gives me 2G of data to download a month (Cost is Everything). I would like to know if anyone knows of a utility that will keep an eye on how much data has been downloaded on a PC using XP with four users ?

  poogles_uk 20:24 04 May 2004

Dont know, isn't there something on the member part of the isp?

  celticbhoy0 20:31 04 May 2004

Just that they charge if you go over the 2G limit. ISP is freeserve

  GaT7 20:50 04 May 2004

Good question celticbhoy0 - that's exactly what I thought I'd need when I go BB on a limited connection.

  celticbhoy0 20:53 04 May 2004

Must be others who have already dealt with this! Any ideas

  GaT7 20:55 04 May 2004

Just found this - click here - Internode Monthly Usage Meter.

  celticbhoy0 21:03 04 May 2004

right idea, just it will only work for the ISP who it is designed for

  GaT7 21:28 04 May 2004

Found these as well - DU meter ($20) - click here (which can allegedly do what we're asking) & RAS Graph & Stats v1.20 (freeware & intriguingly only present on a forum!) - click here.

You're right about Internode - didn't read about it properly initially.

  GaT7 22:31 04 May 2004

A few more...Bandwidth Meter - click here - ($25 - with free trial), CostAware Free Edition - click here, Down2Home (freeware) - click here. Wonder which is the most accurate of the lot.

Thinking about what poogles_uk said earlier. Surely there must be something provided (by the ISP) to be able to check/monitor this usage on one's account, just like one can do with most dialup time-limited usage. Have you checked the Freeserve website or asked them if this present?

  celticbhoy0 02:06 07 May 2004

Just in case anyone is interested the best of the free monitors is DOWN TO HOME

  GaT7 16:54 07 May 2004

celticbhoy0 - Thanks for letting us know.

For some reason I couldn't d'load from the main site but could do so from here (if anyone has the same problem) - click here.

[It would be nice if I was thanked for my efforts in finding the programs above ; ) - must've inadvertently slipped your mind celticbhoy0!? Regards, G]

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