keep the traffic warden at bay

  canard 23:41 05 Aug 2003

click here
Comments needed.

  VoG II 23:45 05 Aug 2003

On parking?

On website design?

On what exactly?

  JIM 23:46 05 Aug 2003

Systems restore or format? :)

  canard 23:55 05 Aug 2003

website and design

  Patr100 00:11 06 Aug 2003

Cannot find server.

  Falkyrn 13:07 06 Aug 2003

website and design

The site certainly contains your message, whether you are utilising the material to the best of its abilities is another point.

Too much to read on the one page .. shorter sections of text and more illustrations would probably grab more attention.

I don't mean to cause any offence but your site comes across as a "rant" rather than an objective and factual defence of the residents of your streets. I am not saying you don't have a case but there is too little background information available on your site to form any opinion ... putting the facts in a straightforward manner and your reasonable objections is not necessarily any form of capitulation nut rather concealing the iron fist inside a velvet glove.

  Forum Editor 00:13 07 Aug 2003

I agree with Falkyrn.

This doesn't really qualify for the title 'website' in my book, because it is clearly just a private rant, consisting of a long page of text - more akin to a stream of conciousness than anything else. As such it joins millions of other similar contributions that are scattered across the Internet. Few people are likely to read what you have written, and even fewer will have a clue what it's all about. I can see that you're obviously upset by Aylesbury Vale District Council's actions, but the way to deal with that is surely via the normal democratic process, rather than howling at the digital moon?

Article 8 of the Human rights act has no relevance whatsoever to your subject by the way.

I'm sorry to sound so negative, but when you ask for comments here you must expect them to be fairly frank.

  canard 13:46 07 Aug 2003

Thanks for the comments. It certainly was a rant but it worked.

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