Keep needing to log on when Zonealarm is running.

  bda72 08:15 13 Jun 2005

Hi, Does anyone else have this problem with ZoneAlarm Security Suite or know how to fix it. If I log onto a web site using my user name and password e.g. Ebay, I get my account up but when I click on another link I have to keep logging on and this happens with all websites that I need a user name and password for until I shut down zonealarm and then everything works perfectly. I would like to be able to keep zonealarmrunning while I browse or I am going to have to change to another firewall.

Many thanks.


  howard60 08:53 13 Jun 2005

try your zone alarm settings - on the firewall screen I have mine set to medium - you tend to get this problem when set to high

  bda72 09:10 13 Jun 2005

Hi Howard,

I thought that might of been the problem and changed all settings to Medium a while ago but the problem is still there, any other ideas? This problem is driving me nuts:(

  howard60 21:16 13 Jun 2005

look at your cookie settings - these give the site your info without you doing anything - if you have them set on the highest level they are virtually turned off.

  Technotiger 21:28 13 Jun 2005

Hi, I would advise that you change to click here it is also free. If you do change please note that for the first month you get the Full Paid-for Version, after that time you can continue to use the Free version without having to change anything - it is all automatic. I too had minor niggles with ZA, so I changed to Kerio.
No problems since and much easier to use - no fiddly settings and it does not keep asking for this and that.
If you do change, I would advise that you download Kerio, then go off-line to uninstall ZA and Install Kerio - then restart pc.


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