Keep losing online connection

  brindly 10:18 31 Oct 2011

I will have to make this quick becAUSE i CAN'T GUARENTEE TO BE ABLE TO STAY ONLINE. For the past tree days i have experienced the connection of online to keep dropping off once connected, then also the phone line has noise on it and we discovered we were not receiving incomg call but could make outgoing calls. I contacted TalkTalk and they did a line check, said nothing was wrong, told me to contact the engineer and talk to them. At the moment the connection has lasted about 45 min so maybe its back to normal but I can't rely on it. Any suggestions for the next time it goes wrong. I did all the usual checks, filters phone connections, even changing the phone for a corded one, then changed the cable connection to my laptop and completely disconnected the desk top, didn't make any difference. Stumped!

  northumbria61 12:22 31 Oct 2011

In future I would check with your neighbours to see if they are experiencing any trouble like the one you describe. It may be that phone line maintenance has been occurring in your Area which has affected you.

You can of course check the Service Status via Talk Talk as in this link enter link description here

  brindly 14:43 31 Oct 2011

Yes, good idea, the problem is so frustrating, as I am writing this the connection has gone, the ADSL light is flashing and the online light is out, the connection seems to last just a few seconds until i click a link, its back. Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried the help line and the connection was so bad they had difficulty hearing what I was saying, spent 30 min waiting nand then she passed me over to a thechnician where I had to wait another 30 minutes and i just mabaged to tell him what the problem was when the line changed and |i was being asked to complete a survey, oops its gone again. Tried ringing them again but too busy ring back!!! Got to wait now until the connection comes back

  brindly 19:39 01 Nov 2011

Checked with neighbours, no problems so I contacted BT because i thought they should get some of my grief, almost impossible to get a number to actual speak to someone, did an online chat and managed to send an email complaining about TT and not being able to cure the problem, blaming BT for the bad job they made of the moving of the telephone cables. Same old reply, they can't do any tests get TT to do them so I sent TT a blistering email. Not sure if it is permanant but eveything seems normal again whether it will stay that way who knows. Any way I decided to order some new filter/splitters to see if that helps.

  birdface 20:32 01 Nov 2011

Having the exact same problem for the last couple of days.particularly bad today but I am using Virginmedia and not talk talk.

Maybe a bug going about or maybe just coincidence.

  LANDCRUISER 00:24 02 Nov 2011

i also have been disconneted a lot with aol recently, ie would go off also getting a lot of internet traffic showing in task manager

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