Keep losing my connection

  trump 15:47 20 Dec 2003

I don't recall having any problems before I started trying to play games online.

But, recently I keep losing my connection to the internet for no reason that I can work out, whether trying to play online games or not.

The connection will drop at any time - I might get a full 2 hours or only 5 minutes or anything in between.

My attempts to resolve the problem:
1. Contact BT - they have cleared up a potential problem and reinstalled the bt box at my house
- they have checked for line noise
- checked that i dont have call waiting or similar
- increased the 'gain' on the line.

2. I have moved my pc to be next to the bt box with a short cable and no other extension leads.

3. I have re-booted my entire system and re-installed only the essential software that I need.

4. I've checked all my internet settings.

5. Checked for a new modem driver.

I have also contacted my service provider (freeserve) who have yet to get back to me.

Thought I'd see if anyone has any other ideas while I'm waiting for them.

Is it likely that my modem has developed a fault?


  3Toed 16:06 20 Dec 2003

Hi trump,Sounds like you have covered you footsteps on this,but i notice you say your with freeserve,is it f.s.Anytime?if it is-not sure if this could cause the problem,but may be of interest to you and others reading this thread-(from service status)read on-

Important information for Freeserve AnyTime Members
As you may be aware, in an effort to make it easier for you to get online, we have launched the Freeserve Connection Kit. As a result we are phasing out the following AnyTime numbers:

0808 9933006
1470 0808 9933251
If you are using these numbers to connect, you will need to download new AnyTime settings (including the Connection Kit) by visiting click here

  trump 16:22 20 Dec 2003

Thanks - but thats not it.
I've re-installed the connection kit with the latest number along with everything else

  3Toed 16:31 20 Dec 2003

What about running a diagnostic check on your modem?-by accessing your modem through device manager(think it was through a right click and properties)

  trump 16:45 20 Dec 2003

When I go to systems/device/manager/modem/properties

it says 'this device is working properly'

is this what you mean?
if there is another way that I do a diagnostic check - let me know

  3Toed 16:56 20 Dec 2003

your nearly there,when you right click and choose properties. Click Diagnostics and the 'Query Modem'tab.This wont test the line line but will give you the 'strings'your modem uses and if its ok(passed).

  trump 17:04 20 Dec 2003

hmm...cant find where you mean

I'm running windows Me if it makes any difference?

What I did:
start, settings, control panel, system, device manager, modem <select modem>, properties
that gives 8 options:
general, modem, connection, forwarding, settings, country, driver, resources

no diagnostic

am i doing something wrong?

  3Toed 17:48 20 Dec 2003

Not familiar with ME,but i would have thought clicking on one of the 8 options,modem maybe,or setings would further you to 'diagnostics'.Check each option out.
At least by keeping this thread going,someone will know the place for diagnostics on ME-

  3Toed 19:23 20 Dec 2003

click here
click here

The 2nd link for more general help with ME items.
Hope this helps Trump

  trump 19:41 20 Dec 2003

thanks 3toed - i've had a quick look but it makes my brain hurt.

I'll have to have another look tomorrow (before I have a drink) it might make more sense then :)

  3Toed 19:50 20 Dec 2003

ok,no probs-hey get me a pint while your at it-Cheers-Have a good christmas.

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