Keep Losing HD Partition(s)

  [DELETED] 09:04 01 Sep 2003

I have a Seagate 80Gb drive fitted as slave in a P2 266MMX running Win 95 and the partitions keep disappearing.

The drive has two partitions, Drive H, 45Gb which is being used for MP3's (my CD collection) and Drive I, a spare 31Gb.
I used Partition Magic 5 for this.

The drive was only fitted in December '02 and the first problem was a couple of months ago when I lost the partition containing all my MP3's, ironically whilst performing a backup.

So, I started again, this time the ripping is being done on my new PC (much faster) and then I'm backing this up across my network to the P2 for daily usage.

Last night I just happened to check Drive I in Explorer and found several files and folders with random garbage names of mixed characters and dates up to 2050. I re-booted the PC and then found that Drive I was no longer shown, but Drive H is still ok.

I tried to use Partition Magic to recreate this partition from the now unallocated space, but got the following error message;

'Error #631 - Can't find correct partition'

I also used Partition Info for details which seem to be telling me that there is an error as follows;

'1 error - EPBR partition starting at 92201760 is without logical partition'

I'm starting to lose confidence with this drive now, although it doesn't appear to be faulty when I've run tests on it, but, as it's only 9 months old I could change it if necessary.

At least this time I have a full backup, so if I need to start again it's much less of a problem.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance.


  [DELETED] 09:25 01 Sep 2003

click here

You might find this thread of help.


  [DELETED] 15:26 01 Sep 2003

Thanks Bodi.

  xania 16:23 01 Sep 2003

PM5 is quite old - I also had problems with it but none since I upgraded to PM6. Its now at v8 - think about an upgrade.

  [DELETED] 13:12 02 Sep 2003

Have been looking around for any tips using Google, and found something which made me wonder if this could be a problem of my own making so to speak, due to the possible limitation of Win95 and HD size.

It would appear to be limited to 32Gb, so this would really be the largest size partition I should create.

Any comments on this aspect?


  [DELETED] 13:04 03 Sep 2003


  xania 20:05 03 Sep 2003

Ah! Forgot about this one. PM my not realise the problem and let you go ahead and breach the OS limitations, and, of course, then can only expect what you get. In theory, once apartition has been set up, it should stay set up, but, if your OS cannot cope, it could do more damage trying to overcome its own weaknesses. I take it you a otherwise happy with Windows '95, so I recommend resetting your partition size and see if its more sable.

NB - when you do reduce the size, you could still find that all your 'lost' data reappears. Good luck!

  [DELETED] 21:42 03 Sep 2003

xania - thanks for the response on that point.

At the moment I have not lost any data, just an empty partition that suddenly had some garbage appear in it, then gone!

However, as PM didn't want to recover this partition, tonight I installed Paragon Partition Manager from the June Comp Shopper CD and this worked fine. I now have my 30Gb 'I' drive back.

I'll see how things go before deciding to re-size the 45Gb partition and leave the thread open for a while longer for any further comments.


  [DELETED] 11:36 06 Sep 2003

Refresh for any weekend users.

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