Keep getting logged-out of the PCA forum!

  spuds 11:00 15 Oct 2013

Is anyone else having this constant problem, or is it me alone?.

I usually leave the PCA forum 'logged-in', and on return I find that I have been logged-out, and need to login again before attempting to post. This is happening on a frequent daily basis. Sometimes the cause of this might be a server error or overload problem,because I have a number of those daily. I wouldn't really know the answer, hence my question?.

'Remember me' on the login page is always ticked, but this doesn't seem to make much difference?.

Any suggestions to what might be the cause, and how do I resolve it?.

  iscanut 11:38 15 Oct 2013

You are not alone. It happens to me, but not on a regular basis like yourself.

  bumpkin 11:52 15 Oct 2013

Lots of us with the same problem,so it's not you alone.

  lotvic 12:07 15 Oct 2013

Yeah, get used to it.... C'est la vie

  spuds 14:53 15 Oct 2013

Looks like I am not alone, so I will green tick as resolved.

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