Keep getting logged out of Ebay

  russmini 10:51 24 Jan 2010

As title really.
While browsing and then maybe finding something worhtwhile, i go to Watch the item and find i'm logged out. This has been happening for a fair time now to be honest. There's just no reason i can see. Even when i go to Log In half the time, i have to do it 2 or 3 times just to get it to except it and log me in.
This is getting more and more frustrating as when i go to Bid on something, i suddenly find i'm logged Out !!!
Oh and this has not happened on any othe Website, Forum etc. Only ebay.

Cheers Russ.

  The Kestrel 12:11 24 Jan 2010

Try contacting ebay and explaining your problem. It may be a fault at their end.

  Graphicool1 13:28 24 Jan 2010

Your FireWall may be blocking the eBay cookie. Turn off your FireWall and try to connect to eBay. If you find you don't get cut off, you'll have to change your FireWall settings.

  russmini 14:39 24 Jan 2010

Well, i've been through Firewall and found 2 entries for ebay and both are ste to Allow, so don't think thats the problem...

Thanks though.

Anymore suggestions anyone ???

  GaT7 16:15 24 Jan 2010

Try another browser. If you were using IE, try Firefox click here.

I also have to log-in 2-3 times as it says my browser is blocking cookies - I do have a setting to block 3rd party cookies. But it lets me in on the 2nd/3rd attempt. G

  russmini 16:24 24 Jan 2010

Thanks mate. Although thats not Solving the problem, just putting a blanket over it. And to be honest, i tried Firefox a few years ago and thought it was terrible. So won't be going down that route.

Thanks though.

  GaT7 17:06 24 Jan 2010

FF is just for troubleshooting purposes (for goodness sake :-)).

If FF works fine, then you know the problem is with IE.

If FF doesn't work, then your browser(s) are not to blame. G

  russmini 18:05 24 Jan 2010

Ok, sorry bud. Have downloaded FF and will test out tonight to see what happens.

Thanks for your help.

  russmini 11:47 25 Jan 2010


Thanks very much for your help on this.

Download FF as suggested and so far its worked a treat.

  GaT7 12:09 25 Jan 2010

Good to hear.

So it does appear that IE is to blame.

I would suggest an IE reset first, then an IE reinstall/repair - all instructions in this link click here. G

P.S. A few Firefox addons you may find useful:
- Adblock Plus click here
- IE Tab click here (if not compatible with your FF version, try Coral IE Tab click here)
- British English Dictionary click here
- LastPass Password Manager click here (homepage click here)
- More addons at click here

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