Keep getting Adobe activation message

  ponytail 11:37 01 Mar 2013

I am trying to play a game but have two problems problem one is this I keep getting the following message. Your computers configuration appears to have been changed since the time this product was activated to continue using this product please click ok to activate it again for your new system configuration.I clicked on ok and it asked me to phone a free number and then enter two sets of numbers one being the activation nothing seems to work so I got my Adobe Acrobat disc and the serial number on the box is the same as what was given when Iclicked on any ideas anyone

  ponytail 11:45 01 Mar 2013

Another message that appears is After I double click on the Bus Simulator Icon I get this message Bus2.Exe is asking foraccess to the internet if you dont recognise this program this is your chance to block it from reaching the network


There is no disc in the drive

The online manual says click start game in main menu but cannot get into main menu

  ponytail 12:09 01 Mar 2013

Regarding the original post when I clicked on activate I entered the following numbers

*-----* Serial No

*-------* Activation No I had to enter them over the phone typing first the serial number then the activation number but the activation was not successful and have tried twice The Tel number is 0800 3284536 Sorry this is so long and complicated

  Woolwell 14:01 01 Mar 2013

I doubt that Adobe Acrobat has anything to do with your bus game.

For some reason (have you changed hard drive, etc?) the game's licence is not being recognised and you need to activate the game. I suspect that you are entering the wrong serial number (it should be the one for the game).

The message about access to the internet is possibly firewall related and all you have to do is click on allow.

  Woolwell 15:16 02 Mar 2013

I guess that your game must be working as there has been no response.

  lotvic 20:37 02 Mar 2013

0800 3284536 That's def the Adobe activation phone number, however you have to have deactivated Adobe product on your old pc before you can activate on a second one. ClickHere for more info:

Activation is the process by which Adobe validates that your software and serial number are genuine and that they are being used in accordance with the license you purchased

If you have purchased a single license for Adobe software, you can install the software on two computers. However, you can use it on only one computer at any given time

To use the software on a second computer, it's necessary to deactivate it on the first before you activate the software on the second computer

There is a 'Chat Now' link on the page so if you need help I would suggest using that.

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