Keep being logged out on this website

  spuds 16:31 24 Sep 2013

Am I the only unfortunate person, or are there others having similar problems, because it seems to be getting worse at my end?.

I keep getting logged out or alternatively being informed that there is a 'server overload or error'. Trying to post is now getting very hit and miss, because of the above problems.

In the login section, 'Remember Me' is always ticked, yet it would appear that I am being timed out?.

Is this anything to do with the posting restrictions, being mentioned in the Brumas thread?.

  lotvic 17:00 24 Sep 2013

Bad today for me too. Also keep getting the 'site error' page and delays in pages loading.

Other sites on Web are no problem loading so it must be a pca thing.

  Woolwell 17:01 24 Sep 2013

I don't get that problem but I have recently had a new install of Windows and started using my browsers without any adblockers. This site became a pain as I was constantly waiting for the site to load and then it would jump whilst the ads appeared and finally I could click on a link. Sometimes I clicked too early before the page had finally settled and would gte the wrong link. Adblock now installed and I will see how it goes. This must be counter-productive for PCA.

  Woolwell 17:03 24 Sep 2013

Posting is very slow.

  bumpkin 17:17 24 Sep 2013

spuds, rest assured you are not alone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 24 Sep 2013

Join the club :0) had site errors and had to login 3 times in the last 2 hrs.

  spuds 19:07 24 Sep 2013

Thanks guys, looks like it just not me then?.

I was beginning to wonder if it was another site modification, adjustment or new security idea, and I was now getting timed out, for not posting. The server error issue was suppose to have been rectified recently with the change of server, but its just as bad, if not more so?.

Trying to post or turn pages, then getting logged out or getting error messages is becoming a real problem and pain. Its beginning to look as though some of us are being made to feel no longer welcome on this website?.

Its out of my hands, so best to green tick this.

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