Keep away from my toolbars - please

  PA28 14:10 09 Dec 2003

Have just logged into Helproom and my toolbars were immediately taken over by a nasty back and green version bearing the AMD logo on the left. Now I don't particularly like popups, but recognise them as a necessary evil. But commandeering my screen like this is simply not on. I logged out and after the display jumped around a bit, it reverted to normal. Logged back in and it's stayed normal - so far.

Please PCA - don't tinker with the top of the screen. If you do, I'm out of here for keeps.

  Jester2K II 14:17 09 Dec 2003

Bye then!

How much to you pay to PCA each year to tell them what to do and how to advertise to their site?

  TheTerminator 14:19 09 Dec 2003

say 10 or 20 pounds a year extra for an advert free help forum. i think that the help I have received here is priceless, and I would think nothing of paying a small sum for such a loving service

  Gemma 14:25 09 Dec 2003

the lower left hand corner of the green AMD ad. and you will see (if memory serves) a difficult to see "kill and never darken my screen again" button. Click it. I did and have not been bothered since.

  PA28 14:28 09 Dec 2003

Are you usually as rude as this? I don't presume to tell PCA what to do with their site at all, but I do know that they welcome (and usually react to) feedback.

Is it not an unwritten rule that webmasters can do what they wish with the main screen area, but should leave the windows toobars alone? PCA are most professional with this site and I was surprised when the entire screen was taken - particularly when the display wobbled to get itself back to normal.

  Jester2K II 14:31 09 Dec 2003


It was a reaction to silly threats like "If you do, I'm out of here for keeps."

If you don't like it - Go. Personally i HATE it but its a small inconvience for such a great return.

Search the forum as this topic has been "Done To Death". The answers to all your questions will be there....

  cycoze 14:36 09 Dec 2003

As Gemma said , there is an "opt out" button on the AMD toolbar , a couple of clicks and a few seconds later it is gone , however if you delete your cookies and empty your internet files , it will return when you next log in .

There really is nothing to get upset about , like most web sites , running costs will be high , and the odd AD is a small price to pay for Free membership , and i dont think PCA will ever resort to Chromeless Windows .

  PA28 14:45 09 Dec 2003

Strange that - I did a search and nothing came up relating to the title bar, hence my post. As far as postings regarding advertising per se on the site is concerned, I've seen many over the last two and a bit years I've been posting and have agreed with the PCA stance (I used to manage a very large portfolio of display advertising sites for a living, so have a total understanding of what it's there for!). I don't have a problem with that. I do have a problem when it destabilises my system.

  Jester2K II 14:49 09 Dec 2003
  velodrome 15:32 09 Dec 2003

Am I missing something, I've never seen an AMD advt

  Jester2K II 15:37 09 Dec 2003

Big annoying green Toolbar at the top of the screen that causes at least two resizes whilst it weaves its magic and then as a coupe de gras opens PCA in a new window so you loose the browsing history of the sites you went to prior to PCA???

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