prima12 08:39 11 Dec 2004

Hi all, can anybody shed anymore light on this than is in a previous response? I booted up my PC today, checked my mail, went downstairs, had a cup of tea, came back to the following message and a BSOD. KEBUGCHECKEX:called by c002b30f. Error code is 44. Parameters:d0fd77b0 0 0. System halted. The only problem encountered recently is with my screensaver 'Text' program which tells me it has encountered a problem. P.

  curlylad 09:59 11 Dec 2004

Could be a conflicting driver in memory.Boot into safe mode and see if you get the same error message using the default drivers.

Are you using any USB devices such as scanners ? Disconnect before booting up your PC , and see if you get the same error message. If you don't , reconnect the device and reinstall the drivers for it , updated ones if possible , you may have to do this in safe mode.

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