kbs and kbps question

  patso 16:31 09 Sep 2006

what is the difference between kbs and kbps in regards of down load speeds as i know they mean different things .can anyone explain how in laymans terms to work out your download speed as i have wireless broad band and it is 500 mb.whay actual down load speed should this be showing eg for a 100 mb file how long should this take to come down at my speed.any help please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 09 Sep 2006

(KiloBits Per Second) One thousand bits per second. Kbps is used as a rating of relatively slow transmission speed compared to the common Mbps or Gbps ratings. Upper case "B" in KBps means kilobytes per second, but "b" for bit and "B" for byte are not always followed and often misprinted. KBps or KB/s would be used for earlier disk and tape transfer ratings as data are transferred in parallel, not serial.

A variation of the term is "K bps," with a space between the K and bps. In this case, it may mean exactly 1,000 bps in constrast to "Kbps" without the space which would be the binary 1,024 bps. This usage is not widely known or adhered to and most modem ratings use Kbps. For example, 56 Kbps means 56,000 bps and not 56 times 1,024 bps.

KiloBits per Second) Could also be KBs for kilobytes.

  DieSse 17:40 09 Sep 2006

K or k = Kilo (Thousand

M = Mega (Million)

m = milli (thousandth)

b = bits (BInary digIT)

B = Bytes (8 bits)

So kbs (should be written kb/s) and kbps mean the same = thousands of bits per second.

Note than in communications k = 1000 since this is nothing to do with binary arithmetic, the aberration k = 1024 isn't used.

So your 500mb wireless BB is presumably 500Kbps? (and probably actually 512Kbps)

and you mean a 100MB file?

A 100MB file at 512Kbps (wich is roughly 60KBps) should take about 1000x10/6 seconds = approx 28 minutes.

That's if the server and you ISP is feeding you at the full rate your line can go at - which is very often not the case.

If I've made wrong asuumptions about your speed, please ask again with the correct speeds.

  ade.h 23:21 09 Sep 2006

Thanks DieSse. You saved me typing that. The b/B misuse is a pet hate!

  patso 15:03 10 Sep 2006

thanks very much that explains everything for me

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