KB971033 Win 7

  iqs 19:21 28 Mar 2010


I have been reading about an update for W7 which checks for errors in certain system files.If the update detects a change or corruption,it reports back to Microsoft.
The article also stated it can make W7 unusable.

Anyone heard of this?.

Thank you

  birdface 19:48 28 Mar 2010

Looks as though it may just check to see if you have a genuine copy of W7.

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  iqs 20:05 28 Mar 2010

Hi buteman,thanks for the reply.I read the official Microsoft explanation regarding the update,seems reasonable.But a few users like I said have noticed issues with it.

As anyone using W7 experienced any issues with the update?.


  birdface 20:08 28 Mar 2010

It has not been downloaded on to my computer and I am using W7 since it came out.

  birdface 21:08 28 Mar 2010

Some problems on here about it.

click here

So far I have not been offered the update from Microsoft but I may just reject it if I do.

  northumbria61 07:58 29 Mar 2010

I have not been offered this one to date.

  iqs 16:08 29 Mar 2010


Will update and see whats happens,hopefully nothing.
Thank you for the help,it was appreciated .

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