[DELETED] 19:18 15 Feb 2006

I updated today on the MS website. On the site and history of updates, the above shows red x with question mark and failed to install. However my add and remove programmes show the update as being installed. So is it??

  [DELETED] 19:20 15 Feb 2006

may not have installed correctly try re-installing it

  [DELETED] 19:20 15 Feb 2006
  TonyV 19:27 15 Feb 2006

I did the same thing yesterday, and tried to install this update about 5 times. Each tome I was told it had failed. Eventually, I downloaded it and manually installed it. It went in OK, and shows installed in the Add & Remove Window. However, like you, I now have 5 red crosses in the update history! I am still assuming that because I eventually installed it manually, these red x's will disappear when the Update Site realises that it is, in-fact, installed!


  Wuggy 19:35 15 Feb 2006

My understanding is that Windows Update History shows the full history of all downloads, failures etc. which occurred using Windows Update. Failures will continue to show since they are still part of that 'history'. Likewise any updates downloaded and installed manually and not through Windows Update will NOT show in that history. It is not a history of all updates installed, only activity through Windows Update.

  [DELETED] 19:36 15 Feb 2006

have a look at VoG™ link

  TonyV 20:38 15 Feb 2006

Have done!


  [DELETED] 21:11 15 Feb 2006

Uninstalled via VoG and reran windows update which is now working. Now shows in update history along with 6 red spots when they failed last night.

  TonyV 21:13 15 Feb 2006

That is so! I've done the same.


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