KB891711.EXE MS Security Update

  Pesala 00:50 20 Mar 2005

Having just noticed this in my running programs dialogue, I ran a Google search on it and found that it might cause some problems.

When I reported connection problems to NTL, one of the questions the technicians asked was, "Are you running a firewall?" I answered, "No." However, it seems that this may be one of the function of this patch.

Anyone else noticed connection problems since installing this patch, which is described as critical?

I'm using Windows ME.

  Pesala 00:52 20 Mar 2005

Computing.net thread: click here

  Pesala 00:56 20 Mar 2005
  MGNM 02:48 20 Mar 2005

Yes I put it on and took it off again same day. EndItAll was just one thing that would not work with it for instance.

Later I put KB891711 into Google and discovered many forums reporting problems with it.

  Pesala 09:19 20 Mar 2005

I just tried a System Restore to a point before I applied the patch. After more than 1 hour it was still only a quarter finished, so I gave up and rebooted. "This may take a few moments" is a joke.

  Pesala 12:09 20 Mar 2005

Anyhow, to fix Win Me without rolling back to a prior restore point:


Delete the key:

  citadel 17:16 20 Mar 2005

I had a problem with this it stopped all access to web pages, I installed firefox but this also would not show web pages. Luckily this update is listed in add remove programs and I was able to uninstall it.

  4j 17:36 21 Mar 2005

This update gives problems with the following OS:
win98, win98SE and win ME.
The best thing is not to install it and refuse this update from Microsoft.
If you use norton ghost and have a backup file from your OS, it is the best thing to reinstall this earlier version.
Microsoft doesn't seem interested in this problem and some people suppose that they want to get rid of the mentioned OS above.


  MGNM 19:44 21 Mar 2005

This update can be removed with add/remove programmes in case anyone does not realise that.

  canard 22:51 21 Mar 2005

Win98SE- installed this a few days ago and have had no probs.

  Pesala 00:24 22 Mar 2005

>> This update can be removed with add/remove programmes in case anyone does not realise that. <<

Thanks for that. I was looking under KB891711 and didn't notice the entry under Windows Millennium Edition update.

Let's see if it solves the connection problems I've been having, and am still having.

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