KB3206632 will not install at all

  Namlod 15:59 09 Jan 2017

On 14 December, Microsoft tried to install KB3206632 on my PC, where I have Windows 10 Pro with an AMD Athlon Quad Core 750K CPU at 3.40GHz and 8 GB RAM. Only Windows Defender (fully updated) is utilised. KB3199986 is installed. The 6632 install failed when I next booted up. There was the standard initial advice that MS was completing the update, which ran smoothly to 99% and then advised the update had failed and went through the routine of un-installing and rebooting, upon which my PC worked fine, as before. However, this whole rigmarole was repeated on each subsequent shut-down/reboot - and each time takes 5-6 minutes to finish. This has now occurred over 30 times. I have tried a manual install of the KB having downloaded the respective file from MS. No difference. I have looked at my Update History and see that sometimes it reports that KB3206632 is installed, which it clearly is not, as it tries updating on the next shut-down! I have tried leaving it in the history and it makes no difference; I have un-installed/deleted it, but on re-boot the PC says it is updating , and the loop-round returns.... I have tried any number of suggestions found via Google searches. No luck. Each time the install fails at 99%. This is just plain ridiculous! There has to be a way to prevent the update from being downloaded and installed automatically? I have seen no info from MS itself to suggest any remedy, or subsequent update that might fix this problem. My PC was working fine before this update, and I have restore points from before 14 December that I could revert to, but assume that on the next boot up MS would download and attempt an install of KB3206632 once again? I would be most grateful if you could suggest some form of solution, or point me to someone/somewhere who has solved the mess! My thanks! Update (8JAN17): I found a suggestion, as a way to avoid the auto download/install taking place, by amending the Registry. This work-around prevents the auto download/install of MS updates: 'REGEDIT' then: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\ Current Version\NetworkList\DefaultMediaCost- then edit the ETHERNET key from a '1' to a '2'. (My system works via an ethernet connection, rather than Wifi). This does appear to have solved the problem, albeit as a 'stop-gap' procedure, until, hopefully, (!!) MS come up with a suitable, working, update.

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