kazza help search

  thepintoflager 12:13 05 Jun 2003

just downloaded kazza but the search and traffic buttons wont work im on broadband can anyone help

I'm sorry to say that I don't think you will get much help for kazaa on here.

  spikeychris 12:20 05 Jun 2003

Wrong forum I'm afraid...

  graham√ 12:25 05 Jun 2003

No-one can help you now...

  Gaz 25 15:23 05 Jun 2003

Kazza is Illegal ...

No one on this forum will help you, and it may be removed by the forum editor, sorry.


It allows the spread of viruses, spyware, etc.

Not worthwhile bothering with.


  The Spires 16:07 05 Jun 2003

Removing Kazaa from your Pc photo. click here

  woody147 16:07 05 Jun 2003

yep, we're all a bunch of do-gooders here i'm afraid who have never done even the slightest bit of illegal activity in our saintly lives. Nobody on this forum has ever burned a copyright cd for a mate, in fact all we use our cd and dvd burners for is to do legal backups of data and thats it ;-) We're perfectly happy that virgin/hmv charge up to £20 for a cd even tho they cost pennies to make and we'll continue to pay over the odds for them without complaint. It's ok for them to rip us off but heaven forbid we do the same....hey i'm off to confession now, think i did 32mph in a 30 limit this morning :-)

  Gaz 25 16:13 05 Jun 2003

that no one would help but it is unlikely, Forum ed. ussually deletes posts created on Kazza, and most here on this forum dont like it.

  The Spires 16:15 05 Jun 2003

PCA have made it quite plain they won't allow threads concerning file sharing programs. How happy or unhappy you are concerning the cost of Cd's has nothing to do with it.

  Brian-318590 16:20 05 Jun 2003

i.ll make a point its only ilegal if you keep it longer then 24 hrs and burn it to cd music that is

  Confab 16:28 05 Jun 2003

The search and traffic butttons only work once you have connected to the network. Check your network settings and make sure your firewall is not blocking. Gaz 25 as for Kazza being illegal - it is not that's the simple fact. I can understand people not wanting the help re these P2P progs but as has been noted 1000 times before if PC advisor doesn't like this type of software then why does it give it away on its magazine CD.

One other thing thepintoflager if your are going to use P"P software then make sure your AV is up to date and you have afirewall installed. Also Kazza lite is better than Kazaa as it is spyware and popup free.


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