Kazaar from a non users perspective

  Epirb406 19:44 27 Mar 2003

Hope that this thread not banned for using the K word.

I wondered if we are all falling for media web hype or if there is a real problem here.

Is it the advent of broadband (Which I cannot get) that has brought this file sharing issue into sharp focus or are knickers getting unnecisarily twisted?

Hands up, I used Napster but really only as a means to obscure traks on a 'I haven't heard that for ages basis'. I enjoyed revisiting my youth with the Dead Kennedys 'Too Drunk to F****'. I enjoyed amazing others with obscure Ska tracks for similaly addicted friends. But with download times as they were, was it 30 minutes to download 2 I would have been struggling to infringe anybodies profits with my efforts.

Is technology reaching the point where those with copyright are really that scared or should we be a bit more laid back about the odd 'shared' file?


  -pops- 19:56 27 Mar 2003

Ignoring the moral and theft aspect of downloading from these programs there is the much greater danger (to you and your machine) of catching some nasty computer infection and also having loads of undesirable spyware and suchlike watching your every mouse click and key press.


  Epirb406 20:04 27 Mar 2003

Not sure about the security aspect, antivirus progs protect us from most things these days.

I am also not about to install Kazar or any other P2P prog but I was feeling that it was the moral highgroud that was being seized here and wondered who had it,if they should and if my views where outdated by technolgy.


  Forum Editor 20:07 27 Mar 2003

we aren't talking about the "odd 'shared' file", Kazaa users download millions of illegal MP3 tracks and unlicensed copies of software every week. The sheer volume of this traffic is incredible.

Threads on this subject invariably provoke a long discussion, and this is a computer helproom. Nothing personal Epirb406, but I'm locking the thread so it doesn't develop into the usual debate.

  watchful 20:11 27 Mar 2003

I think a non-user's mental view of it is that they don't like what they've heard about it so they don't use it.
Simple as that.

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